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Welcome to Eptagon Creations A Story | Across | Time

It is commonly expressed that "Design Is Intelligence Made Visible". Through this ethos, we create pieces synonymous with art, design and history. At Eptagon Creations LTD we are all about making designs come to life. Our company provides a merge of skills, creativity and techniques becoming a premium producer of functional and artistic goods catering for multiple industries. Through the implementation of modern and classic techniques, we pride ourselves in offering top quality pieces which will stand the test of time.

The beginning of Eptagon Creations is dated back to our founding company A. Evangelides & Son LTD which was established in 1976 as a family-run industry producing goods mainly from bronze & brass. The identity of products produced has catered for the tourist industry as well as for the decoration of houses and hotels. The company has been renowned for its enterprising ecclesiastic materials, statues, medals, honorary plaques as well as furniture pieces.
In 2021 A. Evangelides & Son LTD merged with the Eptagon Group to form Eptagon Creations LTD. Today the company continues to be based in the original 1300 sq.m. premises in Aradippou Cyprus where we continue to produce our well recognized and high demand products that are designed and cast within our foundry. The experience which the company has obtained from its activity over its 40-year experience has helped grow both our local and international business where our international clients can buy our locally produced products via our online store, which includes locally deliverable items as well as some of our internationally ship-able rages.
Through our expansion and development over the past few months, customers will be able to acquire and customize eclectic pieces through the use of modern technology. In partnering with the Eptagon Group our production now includes pieces that are laser engraved as well as 3d printed. Eptagon Creations further introduces the broader ranges which can be used as functional household, design and workpieces. We also offer exclusive gift ranges as well as neo-classic designs.
In catering for unique styles and customization our team is always on hand to take special orders as well as orders which require large quantities.

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