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Aristide Patsoglou

Artist / Sculptor

Aristide Patsoglou

Aristides Pasoglou passion for art is ascertained through his techniques portrayed in his mergence of sculpting, drawing and engraving.

Looking back and his experience we see that his first teachers were Panos Sarafianos and Thanasis Apartis, his training was significantly aided by a state scholarship where he managed to enter in the prestigious Athens School of Fine Arts where he worked under Yiannis Papa.

Following his experience in Athens Patsoglou moved to Paris and further advanced his skills at Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts alongside sculptors such as César and Collamarini and engravers Robert Cami and Jacques Lagrange. Mr. Patsoglou, furthermore learnt about the uses of plastic arts as well as audio visual techniques from his studies at the University of Paris VIII.

Following his studies, he established a group named LOGOS which was formed with 50 international artists. Within a span of 6 years, he organized 30 exhibitions internationally and within France in order to help network artists and spread the exchange of ideas.

Looking at his own success, Mr Patsoglou has managed to showcase his works in over 70 exclusive exhibits whilst he continues to showcase his works in many group exhibitions in Greece as well as abroad.
He has been honoured with awards mainly in France and Canada whilst most of his works are displayed in several public spaces and within many private collections.

Image by Laura Chouette
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